David working in the studio

I am a representational artist, and probably paint more landscapes than any other subject. I am particularly drawn to what I call inhabited urban landscapes, with buildings and people caught in a moment of action or reflection. I do not like to paint from someone else’s photos. My paintings almost always capture a place or event that I have experienced and a feeling I want to preserve.

Not all my paintings are landscapes. One of my best paintings was of my wife studying a painting on the wall at an artist’s reception.  Another favorite is a painting of her reading by a single lamp in our living room with Hobbes (our long haired cat) in her lap. 

I love the grace and athleticism of dance and have painted a series of paintings of Carolina Ballet dancers in dance class.  I’ve also painted a series devoted to the 2013 Moral Mondays protests in Raleigh, North Carolina, led by the Rev. William Barber.

I was a librarian for thirty-six years, did some writing as part of my work publicizing the library, and toyed with stories and novel outlines and drawings for fun.  Looking forward to retirement, I expected to spend my time writing.  It was a surprise to me that the year before I retired in 2002, I became enchanted with art.  I began to talk to artists, experiment with watercolors, and when retirement came began to work with other artists.  I took classes and lessons from Jane Filer, Steven Silverleaf, Lorrie Callahan, Erick Davis, and most recently, Stacye Leanza at the Arts Center in Carrboro.  I still have a regular weekly session with Chad Hughes at his studio at the Golden Belt in Durham. I have been active in organizing shows for artists at the Jump’n Java Café, Students of Jane Filer, Arts Center Open Studio artists, Carrboro Public Library, and the Art and Soul Studios.

“Deer Reflections”

My goal as an artist is to create lasting works that might grace the lives of those who own or view them, and be valued long after I am around. One of my greatest pleasures is to see a painting I sold on the walls of a happy art lover. My friend, Carole Stevens tells me that she is so proud of “Deer Reflections” that she installed special lighting to show it off. Thank you, Carole!

I work at my home in Chapel Hill. I open my house for people to come see my art during the first two weekends of November (Nov. 5,6 and 12,13), as part of the Orange County Artists Open Studio Tour. I would be happy to invite interested people at other times by appointment.