The people who began to gather in Raleigh on Mondays in April, 2013, wanted to express to their representatives in state government their opposition to the laws being considered in the legislature. Instead, they were shunned by the legislators, and were arrested for trespass in the General Legislature Building. So they came back in larger and larger numbers throughout the spring and early summer.

I participated in some of those protests and experienced the frustration of citizens who feel the state is turning away from its own better history. In the fall, I decided to paint some of the scenes I experienced in the Moral Mondays protests. Using images by Carrboro photographer David Otto, I created paintings of speakers, crowds, and arrests. In 2014, these paintings and selected Dave Otto photos with commentary by Harry Phillips may be on display at various locations around the state. Until February 28, they are being shown at the United Church of Chapel Hill.

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